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Offering Professional and Recreational Classes and Camps...

At Lone Star Circus School, we offer classes for both adults and kids regardless of their circus skillset.

Our children’s circus classes for ages 3 and up teach kids foundational circus performance skills while building life-enhancing skills like self-confidence, responsibility, poise, teamwork and self-discipline. Lone Star Circus School students improve their coordination, balance, strength, conditioning and overall fitness in an exciting, fun, and positive manner in our convenient North Dallas location.

Each year, the Lone Star Circus School students take their show on the road (but not too far), performing in professionally choreographed acts in the school’s annual Student Cirque Showcase at an area theater. With sparkling costumes, dazzling feats, vibrant music, and a packed house, the annual Student Showcase provides students an unrivaled experience and an exciting goal to work toward throughout the year.

Adults and professional performers are also invited to explore our adult circus classes to learn new performance skills and/or to invigorate their fitness routines. Lone Star Circus adult classes are the ideal addition to your fitness plan. Perfect for adults of all ages and fitness levels, Lone Star Circus classes for adults focus on upper body and core conditioning strength.

Classes are individualized to the needs of each participant. Adult circus classes also teach body balance, conditioning, and flexibility. Rather than isolating muscle groups, circus instruction works all muscles at the same time. Students lift and hold their own body weight while building strength on the fabric, aerial hoop, and trapeze. Drop-in students are welcome and can pay by the class.

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