Kids Circus Parties

Make Your Child’s Birthday Party One to Remember!

Let Lone Star Circus School host your child’s next birthday party! Our extremely popular, 2-hour party includes ‘circus circuit,’ where kids rotate through various circus principles like silks, trapeze, lyra, juggling, floor play. Then, it’s time for cake and refreshments that parents can bring and gift time. 

No experience is necessary to enjoy our energetic circus parties: they are perfect for kids of any age and anyone can have a blast.

After trying their hand at circus arts, guests are welcome to continue their celebration in the space where parents can bring gifts, refreshments and cakes.

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Lone Star Circus Summer Camp
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What do kids need to wear?

Kids should wear comfortable athletic clothing that allows them to move freely, but nothing too baggy. Yoga pants, leggings, running tights, or anything that won’t bunch up behind the knees are perfect, with a short sleeve t-shirt that does not go over your head when you are upside down. Also, party guests should wear or bring socks.

How do I check availability and book my party?


We offer two slots for the Kids Party on Saturday:

  • From 2:30 to 4:30

  • From 4:30 to 6:30


To check availability, contact us with the date and time slots you prefer and the number of children you will invite. If the facilities are available, we require a non-refundable deposit of $100 to book the gym. We can process the deposit over the phone with a credit card or parents can stop by the Lone Star Circus facilities, to pay by cash, checks, and card. Remaining balance is due the day of the party.


Our price is $250 for 6 children minimum for 2 hours. Above 6 children, it's $20 per additional kid. If we have more than 10 kids we will need an extra coach as our kids-to-instructor ratio is kept small to maximize the fun for everyone. The extra coach is included in our price.

Photo credit: Zan Keith Photography