Our Coaches

David Lee

Team Coach

Felipe Carrasco


Classes coaching - Juggling

Professional experience -- Theater

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Gitana Doyle


​Classes Coaching - Circus Camp


Professional Experience - 9th generation circus performer, Lone Star Circus

Irwin Daye


Classes Coaching - Acro Coach

Professional Experience -- Theater

Olga Karima-Spikes

Team Head Coach

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Pavel Karima


Classes Coaching - Professional Training (Handstands/ Hand Balancing) 


Professional Experience -  Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, Moscow State Circus, Circus Renz Berlin, and many more

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Shavai Hopkins-Trich


Classes Coaching - Kids Circus


Professional Experience - Theater

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Stephanie Stewart


Classes Coaching - Adult Advanced Silks 


Professional Experience - Lone Star Circus, cirque performances around the world

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Truett Adams

Head Coach

Classes Coaching - Kids Circus, Adult Silks


Professional Experience - Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey, Lone Star Circus